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        Our Feet are the Foundation of Our Entire Body, and Total Well-Being

Hi, I'm Mutima! I am a socialpreneur and the creator of Faraja Pedicure, a company I established to bring attention to the importance of foot care. Back in February 2012, I was very fortunate to inaugurate a nonprofit organization, the Ruby A. Neeson Diabetes Awareness Foundation, named in honor of my late mother who passed away from type 2 diabetes complications. One of my charities' initial core programs was a community sock drive, where I discovered the urgent need for a holistic approach to foot care education--and this is where the Faraja Pedicure story begins. 

I conceived an idea to develop an emollient after I was unable to find a natural product, precisely for people with diabetes or those experiencing pain from activities such as ballet dancing, sports, and jobs that require standingAfter several years of research and consultations, my team and I formulated a base derived from plants.

The message I want to convey is: Preventative foot care is essential. Fundamentally important for quality of life, which is connected directly to a person's ability to be self-sustaining. 

Click here to learn about Faraja Pedicure's social impact. 

A portion of the proceeds will always benefit                                        Project Saving Soles, in memory of Lucious Smith. 

"Faraja" means "solace" in Swahili. Faraja Pediure makes a conscious effort to provide pure products that aid to calm and comfort the sole. Made by hand our cruelty-free products are powered by nature, artisanally formulated in small batches to enable us to deliver quality and transcendence. We hope you love the Faraja Pedicure collection as much as we do.