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Sole Salves 
Our lavish foot butter moisturizes the sole with rich hydration from natural nut butters, and an idiosyncratic blend of natural honey, and essential oils. 
Calm Cream 
Tranquil  Tea 
Serene Spritz 
Balmy Bathe
Pampering Packages
Faraja Pedicure | A Social  Enterprise
We take pride in our selection of quality products. Our artisanally handmade creations are formulated in small batches. We offer three distinctive scents: Lavender-Mint, Rose-Eucalyptus, and Citrus-Turmeric. 
Our luxuriant foot lotion pampers and refreshes active soles with a dainty dosage of fast-absorbing moisture. 
Relax your soles in our sumptuous foot tea soak. Our recipe blends natural rose water with dried flowers, and essential oils to soften and calm sore soles. 
Your soles will feel revitalized, refreshed, and pleasantly moisturized with our deodorizing foot spray. 
Cleanse and detox your soles with our foot scrub. Our recipe blends a variety of natural salts, and essential oils to clean, soften and calm your soles. 
At-Home Spa Pedi for a Purpose! Our sole pamper kits features a medley of our handmade foot products. *Deluxe set includes a loofah, and our exclusive 'Cuticle Care and Luxe Lather. 
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